Foolscap & Ink

Why title a website “Foolscap & Ink,” you ask?  Well, let’s let the dictionary begin that explanation, shall we?

So, without further ado …

fools·cap | noun | \ˈfülz-ˌkap\
Definition of FOOLSCAP
1: a cap or hood usually with bells worn by jesters
2: a conical cap for slow or lazy students
3: usually foolscap [from the watermark of a foolscap formerly applied to such paper] : a size of paper formerly standard in Great Britain; broadly, a piece of writing paper

ink | noun, often attributive | \ˈiŋk\
Definition of INK
1: a colored usually liquid material for writing and printing
2: the black protective secretion of a cephalopod
3: slang : publicity

This site continues to be something of an experiment in progress. It’s all about the writing, but that means different things on different days. Topics range from history/preservation to fiction to book reviews to sexuality to activism and consciousness raising to to writing about writing. There are even bits and pieces of research that at least one other person might find interesting.

Foolscap & Ink is also the platform from which I operate as a freelance writer, researcher and editor. While the topics I write about on this site are those that interest me, they are by no means the limit of my ability. For details on what else I write, check out my about page.

it's all about the writing