The Bookish Miss has been bitten by a nifty little writing bug. It’s called #storystarters.

Yes, that’s a Twitter hashtag. It was started by @CliffordFryman, who wrote a book full of one liners entitled, aptly enough, Story Starters. The idea is to post one line ideas that can be used to jump start a story in 140 characters or less. (Actually, once you add in the hashtag it’s more like 125 characters or less.) Plot bunnies of the world, rejoice!

This has been surprisingly fun and easy. Here are my contributions:

Morning skinny latte? Check. Overpriced Manolo Blahniks? Check. Dead body in the tech conference room? Uh …

The sweltering air in the dark, windowless attic smelled of dust and mothballs.

All starfighter pilots are a little bit crazy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We have to be to do our job.

I was born, to begin with. Two minutes later, Grandpa Ebenezer dropped dead. Can you guess what my parents did?

Most old southern families have a few skeletons in the closet. We’ve got a goddamn graveyard behind the overcoats.

It was a tabloid hack’s luck that his very fictional story about political sexscapades would turn out to be horribly real.

Despite what the doctors kept telling her, in this place insanity really was contagious.

There was nothing left. Except everything was left. And those thrice-be-damned roses still covered the porch’s balusters.

Funny thing is, writing these down only served to purge a few of my ideas while others are stronger than ever. I think it may be time to start a new hashtag — #storycontinues — and pick up where one of these left off. One line of a story would be posted each day. But which one to choose?

Hmmm …

2 thoughts on “#storystarters”

  1. Thanks for the mention and I’m glad you find #storystarters fun. I love your #storycontinues idea.

    My pick:
    “Most old southern families have a few skeletons in the closet. We’ve got a goddamn graveyard behind the overcoats.”

    1. #storystarters has been LOTS of fun! It’s a fabulous way to get some of those pesky ideas out of my head without committing to anything else. Still, it makes me want to write more (duh!) when I don’t have the time, hence my #storycontinues idea.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been leaning toward that one or the one about the tabloid hack.

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