#storycontinues roundup (25-31 July)


As to why we have so many …

It’s simple, really. So simple most people in this county overlook it or steer clear of us. We’re here. We’ve always been here. And we Berengars aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to hold on to what’s ours.


When I was growing up, I loved to play in the family graveyard or in the third floor attic — no staid afternoons for me.Hide and seek among the tombstones & mausoleums was ever so much fun, far more than playing in the garden or down the lane. On rainy days we played in the attic amongst musty trunks full of priceless family treasures and sheet-draped furniture.

But regardless of where we played we were surrounded by the past, by the family secrets that would become our secrets … by the ghosts of those who came before us. We became keepers of legacy we would never have wanted, but was ours nonetheless.

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