#storycontinues roundup (14-20 november)

Surely Mary Mae or one of her girls cleaned under here. Why, she’d hidden under this very table just last week and it wasn’t half so dusty then. It wasn’t like they’d had a dust storm or anything like that, just the regular folk coming and going.

Well, maybe she and the boys had traipsed through the hall that afternoon covered in dust and dirt after playing hangmen. They didn’t have enough rope to play properly …

We’d best be thanking the Lord for that!” Mary Mae had told Mama before shoving them all into the big bathtub behind the kitchen.

… but they’d had fun rolling around on the ground pretending. Later, after supper, she had noticed all the dust was gone, all swept away.

Sophia wrinkled her nose and moved her legs gingerly. So this is where the dirt went. Yuck.

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