Preaching Up Sin (Reblogged)

George Fox and the other early Quakers of the 17th century were not known to shrink away from controversy. In fact, they often seemed to have sought out confrontation with Anglican priests and Puritan preachers. One of the common charges the Quakers levied against the Calvinist Puritans in particular was that they focused too much on “preaching up sin.” I always imagine Fox having a bit of a wry smile when leveling this charge against the “hireling preachers” (as he called them) of the day. But I also think there is a deadly serious truth behind the criticism of “preaching up sin” that goes to the core of the meaning of the Christian faith and how we live our lives from day to day.

The Bible, of course, has much to say about sin. I have studied the topic of sin (Hamartiology) in some detail and I think it is an important term to define. Is sin rebellion? Is it ignorance? Or is it simply falling short? My favorite definition of sin comes from …

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