Bookish Miss is the online handle, or nom de plume, of Robyn Hankins, a thirty-something, Southern not-quite-belle from North Carolina who still believes genealogy is the best parlor game. That said, she admits few homes actually have parlors these days (which is quite sad, because parlors are fascinating rooms).

Aside from an irritating preoccupation with Southern parlors — especially those belonging to people who didn’t own slaves, the Other Old South — I also spend too much researching, especially history and historic preservation (that being my actual training). Then there’s the time spent digging through records, scanning photographs, collecting oral histories and connecting all the various branches on my family tree. Oh, let’s not forget writing, crocheting and cooking. (Especially baking, I love to bake; I’ve been known to do so at midnight in July, when the temperature is still a humid, stuffy 80 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Robyn Hankins, aka the Bookish MissI’m also a writer in real life. Once a staff reporter and now a stringer, I cover local government and other general interest stories for the Archdale-Trinity News, a weekly newspaper.

I also write under the name Robina Hawking on other sites. This began so I could write opinion pieces without creating ethical quandaries while I was still employed by the newspaper.

I’m also in the process of restarting freelance work, with a particular focus on feminism, body positivity, sexuality and sexual politics and women’s issues. While these are issues that rouse my passions, I’m equally comfortable and capable of writing about cookery, yarn arts, housing and business. I work to the client’s specifications.

My services include:

I’m a versatile writer. I specialize in blog posts, magazine articles, news reports, copy writing and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), but also offer press releases, memos, emails and ghostwriting.

I offer line, copy and content revisions, proofreading and fact checking for blog posts, magazine/journal articles, college theses (undergraduate and graduate), short stories, anthologies, non-fiction books, novels and monographs.

My specific areas of expertise and proficiency are history, historic preservation, English and American literature, fashion, social activism and women’s issues, but I can and do work outside those parameters. Need information on the latest cancer treatments or the most important things to consider when buying a home? I can help with that, too.

Five of my seven years spent in journalism included weekly page pagination. This is a service I am prepared to offer to magazines and newspapers, but I must have remote access to the software. I’m also have intermediate level proficiency with WordPress and can assist with website construction, design and maintenance.

Above all, however, I am always reading.


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