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when i’m not being bookish

There is another side to the Bookish Miss, one that doesn’t involve books. Well, okay, there are actually several other sides, but most of them involve books to some extent.

The one that doesn’t involve books — at all! — is crocheting. It’s a wonderful stress reliever and results in pretty things but, oh, does it irritate my wrists … not gonna stop, though. The results are always worth the effort, even if the pattern turns out to be one I shall never consider again.Square with Hook

Wooden hooks, like the one in the picture above, help, too. Even the larger sizes are lighter and the wood retains a warmth and slight pliability that plastic does not. (Forget about aluminum — any hook over 6 mm is too heavy.) The best ones I’ve found are from Turn of the Century; the owner and craftsman, Bill Schmidt, does excellent work. He also makes knitting needles and executive ink pens with stands.

Remnant AfghanThis is a remnant granny-rectangle afghan, made out of a box of scrap yarn given to me by a fellow crocheter. Not quite square, although from the pictures it does look that way. It was made with three strands of medium weight worsted acrylic or cotton-acrylic yarn held together, and found a home through a church prayer shawl group.

And yes, it’s quite heavy! Never, never, never again will I create a one-piece afghan of this size and weight!

Red & White Cotton Afghan

This smaller, red and white lap afghan was made with red and white medium weight cotton yarn. It, too, found a deserving lap through a prayer shawl group.

Squares with MorgaineAnd here is my current project, guarded by Morgaine, a deer-head chihuahua/rat terrier mix; she rules the house. It’s another granny square project (can you tell I’m rather fond of those?) with three strands of yarn, but this time the colors are consistent. I started making it for myself before I realised that it doesn’t match any of my decor.

Hmmm …