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A few thoughts on OKCupid’s “Ethical Slut” test

So. Yesterday morning I took OKCupid’s Ethical Slut test. The test and the results were … interesting. According to the test, I scored 15 sluttiness points and 30 ethics points. This makes me the:

Happy Almost-Slut

“It’s clear that you’re at least a bit sex-positive but you may still have some hang-ups about the whole consensual nonmonogamy thing. Or, maybe you simply prefer to dabble in slutdom. Either way, you just keep treating yourself and others with respect and you can’t go wrong.”

• You scored 15% on Sluttiness, higher than 24% of your peers.
• You scored 30% on Ethics, higher than 97% of your peers.

As I said, this was interesting. My problems with it are thus:

1) I have issues with the word “slut” to begin with. But those are my personal triggers and hangups, not a general slam against the word itself or people who identify using the word.

2) Multiple choice answers are a crap shoot. There were some questions where none of the answers were what I would have done, not even close. It wasn’t even a case of “choose the best answer,” it was more like “choose the only response that would ever be possible in any circumstance.”

Or the questions were so vague it wasn’t funny. I read and reread one question thinking, I don’t have enough information to make a decision. Overthinking? Maybe.

But maybe not.

3) I have not read “The Ethical Slut” so I don’t know how close this test is to what the book argues, but the test seems to equate being sex-positive with being non-monogamous. Ethically non-monogamous, but still. And that I do have a problem with, because it is completely possible to be monogamous or “monogamish” and still be sex-positive. Having a personal preference does not, generally, make a person prejudiced and bigoted or, in this case, sex-negative; how one expresses that preference does.